Al-Adiyat Oil Services Company

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Oil & Gas services

Al-Adiyat Oil Services Company is a private limited liability company specialized in oil and gas projects and in the field of oil industry and equipment processing used in this industry.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading entities in the field of its services and its multiple operations, to offer them in Iraqi markets and to compete with the neighboring markets in a quality and prudent manner.

Our Principles

We are dedicated to building robust communication with our customers, addressing their needs, and enhancing their competitiveness through innovative and creative services.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are to deliver oil services that adhere to the highest standards of quality, health, and occupational safety.

Our Services

Services we offer

Civil Works

Dyafat Shutt El-Arab Company excels in civil contracting and construction, known for its quality, professionalism, and successful completion of major projects.

Technical and engineering staff

Al Adiyat Oil Services Company features a highly skilled team dedicated to excellence through meticulous planning, training, and continuous improvement.

Mechanisms and equipment

Al-Adiyat Company uses a wide range of machinery, ensuring efficiency and safety, supported by Al Adiyat Trading and Transport for flexible and effective operations.

Oil Services & Equipment

Al-Adiyat Company ensures efficient, safe operations with a wide range of meticulously maintained machinery and equipment.

Financial Efficiency HR

Ensuring financial efficiency through strategic HR management and resource optimization.

quality management system

Our quality management system ensures we consistently meet the highest standards of excellence. Through continuous improvement and rigorous oversight, we deliver superior services and products.