Air Transport

The air transport sector is an important service sector, with many characteristics of other modes of transport, and based on its importance, speed and effectiveness in performance, our company looks forward to:
  • Commitment to wide-ranging responsibilities by developing innovative solutions to cope with changes in the region The bus is in motion and activity.
  • Rely on major international air transport companies to serve our customers
  • Identify the requirements and expectations of our different clients and, to the extent possible, provide the best services that meet those requirements through appropriate transport.
  • To provide and develop competent and efficient personnel in handling cargo and air discharge operations.
  • Improving the competitive position at the national and global levels.
  • Twinning of road transport with air transport with the aim of achieving flexibility and fluidity at airports away from the accumulation of goods and high cost.
  • Ensure future growth of the movement to take advantage of the opportunities we give, and to grant choices to the passenger audience and cargo shippers and provide for their convenience