Gay Wedding – Civil Union in Venice Do you want to get around town in a boat?

One of the reason couples from all over the world get married in Italy is because Italy knows how to have a proper celebration. Traditionally weddings are a big deal in Italy. This depends on the area of Italy where the reception and celebration takes place. In the North wedding receptions are light and intimate. A maximum of 100 people are invited to the reception. There is a nice lunch or dinner followed by music and wedding cake. In the South everything changes. Lunch can last for 5 hours and includes at least a buffet and aperitif and 5 courses, all interwoven with live music, dancing and fun. After lunch the wedding cake takes center stage and is served along with hundreds of other cakes and sweets. Now the DJs take over and the bar is open until the sun comes up. “Bombonieres” are small gifts that are traditionally given to all guests. These gifts can be anything: from candlesticks to sets of salt and pepper shakers, though often they are given a parchment that specifies that money will be donated to associations.

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Where to celebrate Civil Unions

Italy is a varied and beautiful country. Mountains, sea, lakes and countryside can frame the most beautiful moment that start a couple's life.