Jeff Strung Reveals Prior Threesome Connection with Millionaire Businesswoman

Previous DJ and ex boyfriend-TVB actor Jeff Hung (labeled as Installed Chiu Fung . ) made an appearance of your own case and you may admitted that their intimate orientation altered of getting bisexual so you can gay. Turning 60 inside the age late, it stemmed from a desire to help the Gay and lesbian community.

Revealing as to why that they had an explosive matchmaking, Jeff troubled that he was not relationship Teresa on her money as the his annual paycheck out-of $dos billion HKD was sufficient and you may don't you would like Teresa's financial help

Revealing he got relationship with five men, Jeff along with had a leading-profile experience of late millionaire businesswoman Teresa Po (labeled as Po Side Kam . ). The very first time, Jeff in the long run indicated that the true reason behind the new break up is actually that he is bisexual during the time in addition to their threesome relationships failed to in fact work aside.

Working at RTHK radio station, Jeff also appeared in minor roles in 1990s dramas such as the last three installments of Files of Justice , The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994 , and the 1994 remake of Justice Pao . Appearing in 16 TVB dramas, Jeff was also a regular host on the station's long-running variety program Focus on Focus .

Co-founding a good mil-dollar business together spouse at that time, Joseph Lau (. ), Teresa by herself are value over $ten million HKD and you can was previously Hong Kong's 2nd wealthiest woman.

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