Elijah's Prayer and God's Respond to by the Flame

Elijah Beats the fresh new Prophets away from Baal

20 Ahab sent with the Israelis and lead the brand new prophets together within Mount Carmel, 21 in which Elijah approached all of the someone and you may expected him or her, “How much time do you actually continue hesitating between both parties? Should your LORD try Jesus, follow him. If Baal, go after your.”

twenty-two Very Elijah informed the individuals, “I'm the only one left-over due to the fact a beneficial prophet of your own LORD, am I? But Baal's prophets amount 450 males? 23 Thus permit them to offer several oxen. They can select one ox for themselves. Cut it right up, lay it on top of specific wood, but don't set flame to they. I could get ready others ox and you will set they on https://datingmentor.org/pl/minichat-recenzja/ top of a few timber, and i would not lay fire to help you it. twenty four Then you can ask title of the jesus, and you can I'll ask title of LORD. ”

twenty five So Elijah told the latest prophets out-of Baal, “Choose a keen ox to have yourselves and also you ready yourself it very first, since there are a lot of of you. Ask the name of goodness, but do not set flame into the providing.”

Allow God exactly who solutions of the flame feel the Jesus!