Bottom line, numerous large results will likely be taken from our analyses off ethnic mixing

First, you can find big variations all over Latina teams on quantity of ethnic endogamy inside marriages, cohabiting unions, and you can parenthood. 2nd, in most Latina groups, discover y in marriage, cohabitation, and you may parenthood all over years. This is certainly in line with a huge human anatomy from search that displays that intermarriage is actually a sensitive signal out-of intake. Finally, the absolute most provocative results emerge from an assessment from outcomes for wedding, cohabitation, and you can parenthood. In y compared to cohabitation and parenthood. Also, one of exogamous unions, fits that have non-Latina white couples are more preferred for the ong lovers out of more Hispanic roots or ranging from Hispanics and you can non-Latina blacks are a bit more clear in cohabitation and you can parenthood than simply he's in-marriage. Particularly, unions between Hispanics and non-Hispanic blacks are popular when you look at the parenthood, particularly nonmarital births.


Portrayals off You.S. Hispanics consistently stress their apparently high-level of familism and backlinks between familism and you will old-fashioned relatives designs into the Latin-american–and Caribbean-source places. Familism is normally considered to be a great multidimensional design that reflects both thinking and you can habits one stress the needs of the family more than the needs of people (Vega, 1995). Secret issues to have skills household members lifestyle among Hispanics is actually (1) whether or not familistic philosophy and you will practices be prominent one of Hispanics than one of other racial and you may cultural teams and you will (2) whether familism wanes with experience of the newest You.S. personal framework (we.age., time of You.S.