General Trading, General Transport, Shipping, Discharge and General Services

Al-Adiyat Company for General Trading and Public Transport is a bright and distinctive sign in the world of commerce because our principles in our business are supplying and equipping international platforms, timings and post-processing services to meet the expectations of our customers and their expectations which are our utmost safety and our policy for which we are always leading and distinguished in this field. Where our company has official agencies to import and equip the equipment and materials from the best and largest global competitors, which gives us the ability to offer multiple and diverse, which contribute to the best choice by our customers and contractors in terms of quality and prices and after-sales services .
Our distinctiveness is linked to the excellence and uniqueness of integration in our business. It is the transport sector that misses the traditional mode of transport, loading and unloading operations, specialized VLC transport operations, hazardous types of long distances and complex locations. This success is that the impact of success is greater when the spirit of participation is evident in the pace of work.