Naval Transportation

The maritime transport sector is a vital sector in the country and the world, and since our first goal was to meet the requirements of the economy, maintaining bridges of communication and cooperation with the outside world and developing plans to ensure the contribution, participation and utilization of this vital sector through:
  • Carrying out activities relating to maritime transport and coastal shipping between ports in accordance with international maritime laws and conventions, and according to the requirements of IMO international Organization.
  • The opening of new navigational lines that facilitate the linking of the company of the ordinary with other countries with the aim of achieving flexibility and Albdaia flow.
  • To complement the shipping sector of the overland transport sector with the uninterrupted unloading and shipment of goods and to delay long-term steamers to achieve high performance that serves the expectations of our customers in the speed of delivery and low financial cost.
  • Proper and planned routing of cargo ships commensurate with their capabilities, operating conditions and available depths.
  • Provision and activation of customs clearces services to suit and vitality maritime, land and air transport
    and completion of supplies and delivery of goods in a timely way.