Oil services & Equipment
Al-Adiyat Oil Services Company has committed itself to achieving the objectives through achieving its required by its specialized customers inside and outside Iraq in the fields of oil and gas. By supplying customers from national and foreign companies and secondary contractors with materials and equipment for the projects they are responsible for, from well-known and well-known international origins and tight and secure insurance from originators to delivery. Where these materials and equipment contributed effectively to the completion of the work of their various kinds, including the necessary special materials and equipment :
  • Nitrogen purifi cation unit.
  • Hydrogen purifi cation unit.
  • Oil pump station.
  • Metering and pressure reduction.
  • Valves for gas and oil networks.
  • Fittings and fl anges.
  • Well logging equipment.
  • Nitrogen pump unit.
  • Mud logging.
  • Equipment.
  • Cementing unit.
  • Acidizing unit.
  • Chemical injection