QHSE Policy
We work with credibility and mastery to be pioneers in our business areas and working to achieve the trust of our customers. A message we believe and commit to in word and deed in our various services. To this end, we are working in Al-Adiyat Group, managing and working on important efforts in our petroleum, commercial, transportation , loading, unloading and output. To meet the requirements of public and private sector companies and foreign companies in accordance with international standards

(ISO9001:2015) (ISO14001:2015) (OHSAS18001:2007) (ISO39001:2012)

To implement a documented and effective management system that meets the legal requirements and other requirements to meet the desires of our customers and their current and future expectations. Ensuring risk management and turning them into opportunities. And work on continuous improvement in our services provided.

In line with a sophisticated and sophisticated environmental system that meets environmental requirements and other requirements in determining the impact and environmental impact of increasing environmental awareness of employees and partners in our diverse business.

Identifies and evaluates risks and complies with regulatory and regulatory requirements to maintain the safety of employees, suppliers, customers and visitors to our sites, properties and assets in the Group.

In the field of transport, Al-Adiyat Group has adopted an effective transport system that monitors and measures the possibility of workers to develop them, and increase their performance with the provision of equipment, mechanisms and specialized cranes in various cargoes and use in accordance with safety and security conditions in the transport, loading, unloading and output operations in accordance with the legal requirements and international standards.

The target of applying QHSE systems is to systematically identify and monitor the services provided to our customers in a sustainable manner that satisfies their desires and prevents and eliminates hazardous events that affect the health and safety of employees. Through awareness and training programs to develop their competence. The responsibility of implementing, documenting and improving QHSE systems is binding on the senior management and with the participation of all its employees, in a distinguished and effective coordination internally and externally, in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and comply with the legal requirements and other requirements in our country Iraq.