Al-Adiyat Oil Services Company

Al - Adiyat General Trading, Transport, Freight and General Services

About Us :

Al-Adiyat is the name of Iraqi companies established in 2018 and an effective product and high performance of the work of major companies in the field of oil services, general trade services, public transport, shipping, unloading and general services for many years of work. It has qualified cadres, including administrators, finance professionals, consultants, engineers, technicians and supporters. And agents in and out of Iraq, and equipment, mechanisms and sites under the supervision of an efficient senior management looking for opportunities for success and progress to lead the companies to prosperity and development




Our Message

We strive to ensure high level, first class service to our customers and beneficiaries to implement contractual obligations and to follow current and expected changes and aspirations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading entities in the field of its services and its multiple operations, to offer them in Iraqi markets and to compete with the neighboring markets in a quality and prudent manner. Our business strategy is based on the ability, competence and professionalism of our managerial, financial and technical staff. Who are doing their best to achieve the goals and achievements, by supplying high quality products and providing excellent services to our customers. Our companies have been actively contributing to the country's economic development, development and prosperity, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and international agreements in joint work with the countries of the world and the application of quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

Our Objectives

  • Providing our oil services in accordance with the highest standards of quality, health and occupational safety.
  • Providing public transport services ( Ground, Air & Neval transport ) by the latest methods and at specific times.
  • Opening and multiplying the channels of communication with the major companies and factories for the supply of goods and materials high-quality and competitive values.
  • Raising the efficiency and performance of all employees by introducing modern scientific systems that meet the requirements of current and future customers of the company.

Our principles

  • Develop strong and continuous communication relationships with our customers to listen
    to their needs and provide services that meet their current and future requirements and make them competitive.
  • Pay attention to the development and creativity in our services to satisfy our customers
  • Providing management and professional expertise to meet our services.
  • Adopting the latest technology and information systems to be as ambitious as possible.
  • Adopting international standards for service delivery and continuous training to develop our staff and services.
Our Services

Oil Services :

Al-Adiyat Oil Services Company is a private limited liability company specialized in oil and gas projects and in the field of oil industry and equipment processing used in this industry. Before the establishment of our company, we were able to join and enter into cooperative and gas.
We have been able to expand the company’s activities to represent the best contribution of the private sector in supporting the policy of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and its subsidiaries in its quest to develop the oil and gas fields and develop the oil industry in our country (Iraq)
Al-Adiyat Oil Services Company has the financial capabilities necessary to execute several projects at the same time, assisted by its administrative, engineering, technical and twinning staff with its sister company Al-Adiyat General Trading and Public Transport in providing flexibility in its work. In addition to the absorption of Iraqi cadres specialized with vast experience and large in the field of oil and gas. Our company has adapted itself and strengthened its financial and technical capabilities to carry out business in the field of oil and gas based on its extensive relations with international companies and benefiting from the expertise of these companies and their specialized staff at a very high level to serve the common interests of all.
Al-Adiyat Company for General Trading and Public Transport is a bright and distinctive sign in the world of commerce because our principles in our business are supplying and equipping international platforms, timings and post-processing services to meet the expectations of our customers and their expectations which are our utmost safety and our policy for which we are always leading and distinguished in this field. Where our company has official agencies to import and equip the equipment and materials from the best and largest global competitors, which gives us the ability to offer multiple and diverse, which contribute to the best choice by our customers and contractors in terms of quality and prices and after-sales services .
Our distinctiveness is linked to the excellence and uniqueness of integration in our business. It is the transport sector that misses the traditional mode of transport, loading and unloading operations, specialized VLC transport operations, hazardous types of long distances and complex locations. This success is that the impact of success is greater when the spirit of participation is evident in the pace of work.

Public transport & Trips Management :

Many companies are working in this field but what distinguishes us is that we have scientific and practical competencies and wemtabikin the quality and safety criteria and plans programmed in land, sea and air transport and to create the necessary flexibility in the common use of these media and all associated shipping and unloading and Kmerki clearance and performance Within the quality standards and safety and security conditions .